Missions is the work of God through existing churches to send out and support biblically qualified pastor-missionaries to establish local churches and pastor those churches until men can be trained up to lead them. It has to do primarily with the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world for the purpose of planting local churches that will carry on the work. Missions is done in our local area, to places where churches already exist, and to areas without the gospel or local churches (pioneer missions). (Matt 28.18-20; Luke 24.44-49; Acts 1.8; 13.1-3; 14.21-28; Rom 15.20-25; 1 Pet 2.9-10; Rev 5.9-10; 7.9-10; Gen 12.3; Ex 19.6; Num 14.21; Ps 67; 72.17-19; 96; Isa 11.9-10; 45.20-25; 49.6; Hab 2.14, etc.)

COTR Philosophy of Missions:

COTR seeks to send out and support trained and biblically qualified church planters to establish biblical churches through preaching the gospel and gathering the believers into a local church. We prefer sending out a team of supporting people in addition to the male church-planter(s) and family. These will be mature Christians who are needed to help in the work of preaching the gospel, discipling new believers, and in whatever additional way specified.

We have a missions philosophy of depth over breadth, which means we prefer to be deeply committed in prayer, finances, short and long-term trips, and resources to fewer missions areas than spread out too thin over many areas with little commitment or interaction.

COTR Focus Areas:

The three current areas of missions work for COTR are in Cd. Juarez, Mexico, in Cameroon on the continent of Africa, and in Israel with Grace & Truth Ministries.

Our work in Cd. Juarez largely consists of training pastors and church leaders in understanding and teaching the Word, theology, and pastoral ministry through bi-monthly conferences. At times, we also have Bible studies for pastors’ wives and ladies or hold teaching conferences where everyone is invited.

We are thankful to God for our partnership with a few area churches in hosting these Bible conferences. Further, we give thanks to God that we have been able to partner with our brothers in Cd. Juarez since 2008, and it has definitely been mutually beneficial.  We pray that our God would continue to grow our love for one another and grow us in being the most helpful to our fellow-churches in Cd. Juarez.

We as a church body rejoice in the Lord for the opportunity to support Mark Waite and his family, who are engaged in directing missions work in Cameroon and in other parts of the world, through establishing training schools for church planters and pastors, and in gospel ministry with unreached people groups.  We pray regularly, give financially as we are able, and our pastor has helped teach in two training schools in Cameroon.

For more information on Mark Waite and family online:

Global Centers for Missionary Training, Tactics & Theology – https://gcm3t.org

The third area of global missions for COTR is Grace & Truth Ministries near Tel Aviv, Israel.  We pray regularly for them and give financially as we are able.  Some of our members even visit with the church in Israel on periodic trips.  We are grateful for the many ways God continues to use Grace & Truth Ministries in Israel, the Middle East, and throughout the world.

For more information on Grace & Truth Ministries:


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