Church Life

The Christian life is meant to be lived in community with other believers in the local church of the Lord Jesus.  What should drive the life of the church body is abiding in Christ and His Word.  God’s Word provides direction for strong marriages and families, as well for a loving church family that ministers to one another, while reaching out to those outside of a covenant relationship with Christ and His church with the Gospel.

Strong Families:

We at COTR strive to build healthy marriages on biblical principles and according to biblical roles.  It’s the role of the husband and father to lead his wife and family with God’s Word and as a loving servant modeling Christ. The pastor(s) aim to equip the heads of households to fulfill their God-given role of shepherding their families with the Gospel and into Christ-likeness as the Word of God is taught and applied.  We also seek to provide care and biblical direction for singles and those not married.

Organic & Organized Body Ministry:

Many biblical metaphors exist in reference to the local church: the body of Christ, the bride of Christ, the family of God, citizens of God’s kingdom, the dwelling place of God on earth.  These rich expressions show the importance of our relationships in the local church body and how we must make ministering to one another a high priority.  God equips His people with various giftings and callings to use to build up the church body as we each serve in the power of the Holy Spirit.

At COTR we don’t aim to overload the calendar with numerous events or programs, but instead encourage our members to reach out to one another in loving service, engage in hospitality, pray for one another and together, as well as serve in ministries surrounding our church services.  As opportunities to minister in specific areas arise in the church, the church leaders make it known to the body and provide help, as needed, to those willing to take it on.

Reaching Outside Our ‘Walls’:

Further, we encourage and provide opportunities for our church body to engage our community corporately with the Gospel, as well as in short term missions.  We do such through select community outreach events, park outings, garage sales, neighborhood outreach, and special services in which we invite family, friends, and those who don’t know and love Christ, to come and get to know us, which allows us to point them to the Lord Jesus verbally and by adorning the Gospel before them