librosThe COTR library is available for use by all members and guests of the church. The books are organized topically according to the shelves, which are each labeled and numbered. The topics are as follows: Apologetics and Polemics, Biblical Counseling, Commentaries, Church History, Devotional works, History, Biblical Languages, Foreign Language books, Preaching and Sermons, and Theology.

You may also access a list of our books by author’s name or by topic, see links below. Once you have found a book that you like, please write down your name, the author and title, and the date on the Library Borrowing sheet at church in the cabinet behind the pews. You are then free to take the books as you need them. We discourage long-term “borrowing”, so please be conscientious about returning books. In order to return books, place them on the glass shelf in the library next to the sign and they will be checked in by a library worker.

Library Books

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