Missions is the work of God through existing churches to send out and support biblically qualified pastor-missionaries to establish local churches and pastor those churches until men can be trained up to lead them. Missions is primarily the act of taking the gospel across ethnic, linguistic, or geographic boundaries for the purpose of making disciples of the Lord Jesus and planting local churches that will carry on the work in their own areas. Missions is done throughout the world to places where churches already exist and to areas without the gospel or local churches (pioneer missions). (Matt 28.18-20; Luke 24.44-49; Acts 1.8; 13.1- 3; 14.21-28; Rom 15.20-25; 1 Pet 2.9-10; Rev 5.9-10; 7.9-10; Gen 12.3; Ex 19.6; Num 14.21; Ps 67; 72.17-19; 96; Isa 11.9-10; 45.20-25; 49.6; Hab 2.14, etc.)

In the above definition, we intentionally distinguish between missions, evangelism, and church planting. Evangelism is preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and is done by all followers of Christ where they live or as they’re on the go. Church planting is done by qualified pastor-elders (church planters) who are sent out by an existing local church for the purpose of establishing a new local church. Missions includes the work of evangelism and church planting, but is done across ethnic, linguistic, or geographical boundaries.

COTR Philosophy of Missions:

We have a missions’ philosophy of depth over breadth, which means we prefer to be deeply committed in prayer, finances, short and long-term trips, and resources to fewer missions’ areas than spread out too thin over many areas with little commitment or interaction. We prayerfully and financially support a few qualified and approved indigenous evangelists and church planters in different parts of the world (see the areas below). In addition, COTR seeks to send out and support trained and biblically qualified pastor-missionaries and church planters to establish biblical churches through preaching the gospel and gathering the believers into a local church. We prefer sending out a team of supporting people in addition to the male church-planter(s) and family. These will be mature Christians who are needed to help in the work of preaching the gospel, discipling new believers, and in whatever additional way specified. Furthermore, we support our members joining existing missions’ works throughout the world in various capacities, as long as those involved have as their prime goal to preach the gospel, make disciples, and participate in the body life of a local church or in establishing a new local church.


Our church has worked with pastors and churches in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico since 2008. We give thanks to God for the brothers & sisters with whom we’ve been able to partner, teach in Bible conferences, and serve over the years. Our work has primarily consisted of training pastors and church leaders in understanding and teaching the Bible, theology, and pastoral ministry. Since 2019 our church has partnered with Pastor Esteban Reyes in Juarez, to train existing and prospective pastors at The College of Pastoral Formation. Our strong conviction is to work with local churches to support their pastors’ efforts in raising up new pastor-elders for their own churches or to send out to plant a local church. We exist ‘to form men of character to pastor the church and to preach the Scriptures faithfully.’ We have a program of classes focused on equipping the men to better understand and more faithfully teach the Bible in context and to serve their local churches governed by the Word of God. These classes include: Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, OT Survey (I, II, III), NT Survey (I, II, III), Systematic Theology (I, II, III, IV), Church History (I, II), Evangelism & Missions, Apologetics, Expository Preaching (I, II), Pastoral Ministry, Introduction to Biblical Counseling (I, II), Elementary Greek (I, II), Elementary Hebrew. Please pray for this training endeavor.


Church of the Redeemer supports the work of Martin and Colette in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Their work is mainly focused on the care of orphans in Cameroon, and they currently care for 20 children at the Shekinah Glory Children’s Shelter & Yaoundé Training School. Martin is a gifted teacher and preacher, and as opportunity allows, he travels to different regions in Cameroon to teach and support local churches. Cameroon is a country the midst of a civil war, so travel to certain regions is hazardous. The work of Martin and Colette is closely connected to Mark Waite’s ministry Regions in Need.

Regions in Need Missions:

Regions in Need Missions was founded by Mark Waite in 2016, after leaving Cameroon for Medical reasons, where he served as a missionary for 7 years. In conjunction with their sending and supporting churches, the Waites started Regions in Need, which provides Bible, theological, ministry, and church planting training and resources to indigenous churches, pastors, and church planters in Africa and Asia.

Mark is able to travel to Cameroon to teach and preach in churches around the country. Before the current military coup in Myanmar, Mark traveled there as well, teaching and equipping.

Through Regions in Need, Church of the Redeemer sends money to support the work of the pastors and churches in Myanmar.