Nursery/Toddler Class

We welcome parents of children ages 1-4 to use the Nursery/Toddler Class, held in our portable classroom.  Although it is available, it is NOT required.  If so desired, we welcome parents to have their children remain with them during the entirety of the service.  We do kindly ask that if a parent finds that their child cannot sit still during the service or remain quiet, that they take advantage of the Nursery/Toddler Class.  By doing so, parents help to ensure that no person is distracted from the teaching of the Word of God.   We are open to a parent remaining with their child in the class as they adjust to the new surroundings.    

We are currently using a curriculum from Children Desiring God entitled, “A Sure Foundation.”  It employs a simple Bible lesson, prayer, Scripture memory, songs, and a coloring sheet.  Further, the class time will include a snack and free play.  

We have two approved volunteers in the classroom at all times.  Currently, only women, young and old, are teaching and helping in the Nursery/Toddler Class.  Mothers who utilize the Nursery/Toddler Class are required to participate in the rotation of teachers/helpers.  We welcome other ladies in our church to volunteer as part of the rotation in loving service to these small children and their families.  

As a consideration to the other families that use the Nursery/Toddler Class, we ask that parents NOT bring their children who are sick to the class (for example children with fevers, green snot, vomiting or diarrhea, an unexplained rash).  

We also ask parents to take their children to the bathroom before entering the Nursery/Toddler Class, since our teachers/helpers are NOT allowed to take children to the bathroom.  

Here is a link to a sample Nursery/Toddler Class Schedule