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As a church, we believe that abortion is the murder of children created in the “Image of God” and we are opposed to all forms of abortion and pray for its end.
These links below will inform and educate. Please pray with us for the end of abortion.
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Abortion is Murdering Humans:
Roe v. Wade: Is abortion a constitutional right?


Introductory Essay to John Owen’s Death of Death in the Death of Christ

by J. I. Packer

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ is a polemical work, designed to show, among other things that the doctrine of universal redemption is unscriptural and destructive of the gospel.

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Grace in Failure

by Paul Tripp

Failure is terrifying to us because we want to believe that we’re not. The delusional denial of failure reduces and devalues Grace of God.

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by JC Ryle

This work is a study of holiness, or Christian perfection. Ryle works to debunk many of the popular beliefs of his day concerning holiness. Reviewers praise his balance of honest, tough-love messages and compassionate, pastoral care.

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