Worship Services


Corporate Worship – 10:00 am

Our Sunday morning service is the pivotal service for the church family during the week. The Sunday sermon text establishes the theme of application in the body throughout the week via preparatory reading, family Bible study, and personal discipleship. At the Sunday morning service, the Word of God is preached in a consecutive expositional fashion. This means that the pastor(s) mainly preach through books of the Bible passage-by-passage, seeking to let the Word of God drive the message to God’s people. There is no Children’s Church apart from the attendance in the service on Sunday morning. We believe this is the best way for children to learn how to worship in emulating, observing, and being actively trained by their parents during the worship service. We do have a nursery available for mothers to take care of the needs of their babies during the service. Furthermore, we have members willing to help families with small children in need of assistance during the service. Please let us know if you desire this assistance.

Christian Life – 9:00-9:50 am

We have Sunday School classes for adults and children. The adult class is comprised of a host of continually changing series aimed at enriching the congregation’s practical implementation of the Bible, as the church leaders identify areas of needed growth.  Some series that may reoccur deal with such topics as evangelism, discipleship, marriage, parenting, finances, and church distinctives. Others may be one time series that arise in response to an issue within the church or society for the equipping of the body to navigate such a timely issue biblically.

The children’s class at the present consists of one united class with two approved and screened children’s workers. We utilize children’s curriculum from Children Desiring God, which aims to teach focused on God and the Gospel, and is not morals based as are so many.  Children are welcome to attend between the ages of around 4 to 12. Although children are not required to go to the children’s class if their parents do not desire such.

Prayer & Fellowship – 6 Pm  

The first Sunday night of the month we have a corporate prayer service for missions and evangelism. We meet at the church building or in one of our member’s homes. The purpose is to come together with a united voice and bring our requests before our gracious Lord, for Him to be glorified in the salvation of sinners and the growth of Christ’s church both locally and throughout the world.

The third Sunday night of the month is also set aside for corporate prayer for our congregation, its needs and ministry to one another.


Bible Study Applied: (Wednesday) – 6:30-8:00 pm

Wednesdays are an opportunity to participate in a facilitated discussion consecutively through a book or section of the Bible, with the intent of learning practical hermeneutics (biblical interpretation) for better personal Bible study, evangelism, and discipleship.  We meet at the church building and begin by sharing a meal together.